Working Group for the Quality in the Laboratories

Coordinator: Ubaldo Caruso

Members: Carlo Corbetta, Michela Cassanello, Cristiano Rizzo, Giulia Polo

The aim of the Working Group is to allow a worthwile support to the Laboratories in planning and management of a Quality Assurance System, by mean of documents, workshops and external quality control programs.

The following programs are acive, sofar :

  • External Quality Control Program for the newborn screening for HPA, CH, and CF
    Participants include all Italian Newborn Screening Laboratories and some foreign Laboratories.

    Go to the page (Password needed) - Scheme planning and joining instructions

  • MSITA: Proficiency testing for expanded newborn screening
    Participants include all Italian Laboratories doing the newborn screening for metabolic disorders by tandem mass spectrometry and some other, Italian or foreign, Laboratories measuring aminoacids and acylcarnitines on bloodspot even not directly involved in newborn screening.

    Go to the page - Scheme planning and joining instructions

Participation is anonimous and free of charge and include a yearly certificate of partecipation. Three quaterly and one yearly report are available. At the end of the cycle results are presented and discussed in a dedicated workshop.

External Quailty Control Programs managed by SIMMESN are purely a tool in support to the Newborn Screening Laboratories participating in the Programs.

SIMMESN is not certified as provider for Quality Assurance Programs. Thus, participation in such Programs has not legal value for accreditaton / certification procedures.


Data are password protected.

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